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We at Japan Wheels pride ourselves in working with every major Automobile Manufacturer. Our stock is growing everyday and we regularly do used car sale in Japan to find you the best cost-effective solution.

With our massive network around the globe, Japan Wheels is capable of shipping your vehicle hassle-free to any country. Reach out to our representative if you have any country specific import regulations queries.

How Direct Car Import Works


General Overview of Importing a Car from Japan

  1. Discuss Requirements: Please reach out to one of our representatives to discuss requirements of your dream car.
  2. Service Fee: We will require a service fee of 30% of the total price of your car to begin searching for vehicles.
  3. Search for Vehicles: We will search your vehicle in major auctions here in Japan and keep you updated on the findings.
  4. Car Auction Bidding: Being a member of all major auctions gives us access to live auction bidding with some other useful perks.
  5. Payment: After you complete payment of your vehicle including the shipping cost, we will process your vehicle for shipment.
  6. Shipment: We are one-stop solution for your vehicle needs as we can do containerization of your vehicle at our own yard, making it a cost-effective shipment solution. Our representative will discuss with you about the shipment schedules in advance for smooth delivery.
  7. Documents:  We will courier you all the documents required for customs clearance and importing your car in your respective country.
  8. Customs Clearance:  You will have to do customs clearance (Pay duties, documentation etc.).
  9. Comply/Registration: Please register the car in your name and enjoy your dream Car!

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