Payment Terms

Japan Wheels LLC. only accepts payments to its designated beneficiaries in Japan. Any payment made to an unauthorized third party or made outside of Japan will not be honored and will not guarantee the purchase of any vehicle. Customers are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the payment information before making any payment. Japan Wheels is not responsible for any losses or damages arising from the customer’s failure to verify the accuracy of the payment information.
By making a payment to Japan Wheels s designated beneficiaries in Japan, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in these payment policies. If you have any questions about the payment process, please contact Japan Wheels LLC. representative.

Payment methods:
There are multiple options as mentioned below; Please choose the best option for a smooth transaction.

Credit Card payment:
If your purchase is not of very high value then this method is recommended as the payment will be much faster but please be advised, some additional fees might be incurred depending on the credit card issuer.

This is another fast method of transferring funds to our account. Please share the paid invoice to our staff for confirmation.

T.T: Telegraphic Transfer / Wire Transfer:
This is the best way of payment. It is the fastest, safest and most effective mode of sending money. You can transfer money by Telegraphic Transfer at most of the major banks. Please find the bank information below;

L/C: Letter of Credit:
We receive Letters of Credit at sight for selected respective countries. Please contact your nearest bank regarding the issuance of document.