Thank you for choosing Japan Wheels as your logistics partner. We at Japan Wheels Logi or JWLogi, specialize in the following three main types of services.

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Land Transportation

JW Logi is proud to have a vast network of in-land vehicle transporters. We are capable of transporting your vehicle to multiple destinations around Japan. There are four major types of Land transportation services we can provide.
Auction to Yard
Auction to Port
Auction to Auction
Yard to Yard

Japnise car import

Ocean Transportation

There are two methods vehicles are transported through ocean, RORO and Container shipping.
In RORO method of transportation, vehicle is placed directly over the shipping vessel and on the other hand, container shipping requires vanning of vehicles.
We are specialized in shipping vehicles both ways.

Japnise car import

Stock-Yard Storage

There are multiple services we can provide on our stock-yard.
Storage facilities: Your vehicle will be safely stored at our yard with our 24/7 security and vehicle tracking systems.
Inspection Service: We can provide all types of vehicle inspection services regardless of the destination of your vehicle.
Vanning: With our trained staff, vanning is efficient and vehicle-safety guaranteed.

One Stop-Shop Vehicle Export Service

Japan Wheels Logi can provide one stop solution for your vehicle exporting needs. General process of exporting vehicle is given below;

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Car Pickup

We are capable of picking up your car from anywhere in Japan through our vast network of inland transporters.

Japnise car import

Vehicle Inspections

We are capable of providing international standard of vehicle inspections. Depending on the destination of your vehicle, inspectors from respective institutions will complete inspection on yard.

Japnise car import


We have a trained staff that specializes in vanning of every type of vehicle. Our techniques guarantee safety of your vehicles.

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We have good relationship with large drayage service providers across Japan that will ensure cost-effective solutions of vehicle transportation to exporting port.

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Container Loading

We will create shipping schedule catered to your shipping needs and make online bookings of cargo ships. Your vehicles will be transported and loaded on to the vessel on time.

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Your vehicles will be transported to the destination port according to the shipping schedule discussed before the commencement of exporting program.

Our Stock-Yards

Miki, Hyogo, Japan

Hyogo Prefecture; Located in the center of Japan, Hyogo prefecture can be an ideal location for those who are planning to buy vehicles from USS Kobe or any other major auctions in the region.

Services offered: Storage facility, Vehicle inspections

Bando, Ibaraki, Japan

Bando Ibaraki; This area is home to some of the major auctions in Japan. With USS auction right around the corner, this yard is perfectly located for you to purchase your cars in USS Tokyo while being located anywhere in Japan and then leaving it onto us to take care of the rest.
Services offered: Storage facility, Vehicle Inspections, Vanning, Drayage, Container loading, Shipment booking and ocean transportation.

JW Logi's Company Values

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High Quality

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Toyota Prius japanise car Import


Toyota Prius japanise car Import


Toyota Prius japanise car Import

Integrity & Respect