Used Car Auction Purchase Guidelines

Japan Wheels as a leading exporter of both new and used cars, also offer direct auction purchase services. Being a member of major  auctions in Japan, we can also assist you to purchase cheap used cars directly from the auction. Japan Wheels dealing in used vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, motorbike can access auction directly and find you the best deal on sale. These used cars for sale in Japan are an excellent choice for people who are looking for a superior performing Japanese car on a tight budget.
Our Services:
  • Discussing requirements of the car before auction bidding.
  • Discuss the condition of the vehicle by translating auction sheet before purchase.
  • Inspect the car at the auction stock-yard before purchase.
  • Bidding of the car selected and agreed up.
  • Documentation, in-land transportation and shipment of the vehicle to the designated country.
  • Handing over all the necessary documents to buyer after confirmation of payment.
Service Fee:
A deposit of service fee of the amount JPY 100,000 Yen or 30% of the vehicle price (whichever amount is greater) has to be deposited with us. This will commence our service of finding the best possible solution for your motoring needs. Whether you are looking for a cheap used car on sale or high end luxury vehicle, depositing service fee is an essential step in building trust in one another.
※Please reach out to our staff if you change your mind after depositing service fee, we will refund your money in full.
Just to give you a general idea, please refer to the table below to calculate your service fee according to the vehicle you have in mind.
Rank Amount Service Fee $ Service Fee ¥
1 ¥20,000,000 $5,000 ¥600,000
2 ¥5,000,000 $3,000 ¥400,000
3 ¥3,500,000 $2,000 ¥300,000
4 ¥2,000,000 $1,000 ¥150,000
Cancellation after purchase:
  •  If for any reason cancelation is made after the car has been purchased, depending on the auction houses cancelation charges are different. These charges range from 50,000 JPY to 100,000 JPY. Cancelation charges may also depend on the total value of vehicle. 
  • We do not charge any commission on cancelation. But if there are any other cost incurred including in-land transportation or shipment costs, we will be forced to invoice the buyer.
  • The cancelation fee must be paid in within 7 working days. In case of failure the the Service Fee will be ceased.
    ※Please reach out to staff to find a suitable solution in the case of cancelation after purchase.
  • After a successful bid we will issue the invoice next day.
  • 70% of the remaining amount of the vehicle must be paid within 2 Working days of Invoice issuance date.
  • Our staff will discuss the shipping plan/schedule after receiving payment and will hand-over the vehicle to shipping authority.
  • B/L will be released and all the necessary documents for customs clearance at the import port will be handed over.
 ※ In order to have a smooth transaction, please complete the payment within the time period mentioned above. Failure to do so may cause delays in shipment schedule.
Cost and Freight Calculation:

Japan Wheels pride itself on having a vast network of shipping lines. This ensures us to provide the best cost-effective solution to our customers. Please refer to the in-coterms below that can give you a general idea of cost calculation according to your needs. 

  • FOB’ = Buying Price + Service Charges
  • C&F’ = Buying Price + Service Charges + Freight
  • CIF’ = Buying Price + Service Charges + Freight + Insurance
  • DDP = Door to Door service – Inclusive of all the above + Customs clearance and local transportation in the destination country.
    ※Please talk to our staff for more details.